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Grades 3 - 6

Session 1

July 15-18, 2017

Session 2

July 19-22, 2017

Registration Is Now Open

Session 1: July 15-18

Session 1 is currently closed due to reaching full capacity. Please consider registering for Session 2.

Session 2: July 19-22

Study Theme

God created us in His image. That means his nature is imprinted on us. To better understand who we are and how we are created to exist, we should understand who God is and how He created us to be. He did not make us broken. We were created whole and our disobedience has warped us. Returning to our true identity and showing others how to do the same is our life’s purpose.

Day 1 | God Is Eternal

We are designed for a high quality of life.

Life is difficult. We often look around the world, in our own homes, and in the mirror and ask “Why is this life so messed up?” The truth is this: God did not create us broken. He created us whole and our disobedience set us on a path further and further from Him. His eternal nature is more than a measure of time; it is a measure of quality of life. Jesus proclaimed that He came to give the fullest kind of life. This is eternal life: God created us to be in a relationship with Him now and forever.

Thought: God created you to be connected to Him. Do you have an eternal relationship with Him?

Main text: Matthew 19.16-30
Reference texts: John 10.10; 2 Corinthians 3.12-18

Day 2 | God Is Love

We operate on love.

God loved His broken and disobedient creation so much, He sent His one and only Son to set an example for eternal life that starts on Earth and the way it affects the people we encounter. His nature of love is sacrificial, unconditional, and unending. Humans are created to operation on love for God and others.

Thought: God created you to love and be loved. Will you accept HIs love? Will you give His love?

Main text: John 8.1-11
Reference texts: 1 John 4.7-12; John 3.16; John 13.34-35

Day 3 | God Is Relational

We function best in community.

God exists in perfect community: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His communal nature is imprinted on us. Living in community with friends, family, church family, and Him is how we can ensure we are living the life God has created us to live. Without community we wither and frustrate one of the deepest foundations of our created nature.

Thought: God created you to have relationships that push you into a deeper relationship with Him. Are you connected to a faith family?

Main text: Hebrews 19.-25
Reference texts: Acts 2.42-47; Romans 12.4-5; Ecclesiastes 4.9-10

- Guest Speaker -

Cory Devivo

At the age of thirteen I gave my life to the Lord. Then, God called me to the ministry when I was sixteen years old. Not sure at that time what exactly I was going to do, I just wanted to make myself available to further His Kingdom. I had the privilege of being a youth pastor for seven years. It was a major blessing in my life because I was able to see students grow closer to their Lord and it was a great time of personal growth in my walk as well.

For the last ten years God has given me a passion to share His love with others through a gift of Chalk-Art Ministry that He has blessed me with. My desire is to use it just as God would have me to, humbly and cheerfully. I pray that my offering brings you closer to the One True, Living God. Knowing God, after all, is the most important thing.

- Worship Leader -

Jesse Watson

Jesse and his daughter, Kate, are passionate about worshiping Jesus and leading others to worship. ``We love to feel God's Spirit moving inside of us anywhere, and at anytime, and be moved with humility and excitement to worship,`` says Jesse. ``It's not just about playing and singing, it's a choice we make every second of our lives.`` Jesse is the Pastor of Worship Arts at Family Life Church in Lake Jackson. Kate is a junior at Angleton High School and working on a career as a singer/songwriter in the music business.

Things To Know

Session 1: July 15-18, 2017
Session 2: July 19-22, 2017

Plains Baptist Camp
3001 Love Rd.
Floydada, TX 79235

Cost: $185
Registration Opens on February 1, 2017

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For general questions about EXPLORERS or for help with registration, please see the ‘FAQs’ Tab. If you still need assistance, contact Dusty Ledbetter at (806) 983-3954 or send an email to

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I Am A Group Leader
How Do I Register My Group?

How Do I Invite My Students/Adults To Register?

How Do I Manage My Roster?

Can I Pay Online?

Yes. You have the option to pay any portion of your balance due online. Simply login to your account at and click ‘Make A Payment’.

Why Is The Deposit Broken Up Into Two Installments?

With the online system, slots are not active until a deposit is paid. Instead of requiring each group to pay the full deposit of $50 per slot immediately up front, we decided to make it much cheaper by only making the initial deposit $10 to hold your spots for camp, and let the remaining $40 of the deposit be due at a later date.

Are The Deposits Refundable/Transferrable?

The $10 registration portion of the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable. The additional $40 of the deposit is transferrable to another student, only if that student is replacing one that dropped.

If a student does not come, and there will not be a student replacing he or she, then any deposit paid in for that student is considered a lost deposit, and cannot be applied towards the final bill.

How Do I Transfer A Deposit To Another Student?

In the event that you have a student drop, and there will be another student replacing them, the new student will need to register under an open slot.

Due to how the online process works, when you register your group, all slots start out as un-named. Once a student has registered, a name is assigned to one of the slots. After this happens, the name cannot be changed, and therefore a new student will need to be assigned to a new slot.

If there is a slot already an open, the student will go ahead and register, and we will apply the $40 from the other deposit towards that student.

If you need to reserve a slot in addition to the number you originally designated in order to register he or she, an additional slot will need to be purchased at the $10 rate before the student can register and the $40 be transferred. If this occurs, the $10 will be applied towards the new student as well.

Is There A Discount For Early Registration?

This year there is only one price for camp, with no discount for early registration, and no additional amount for late registration.

This was done in order keep the cost of camp from increasing with the tiered model outside of the range most churches are used to paying per individual on average.

Who Is Required To Do Background Checks and Child Protective Training?

All individuals that are the age of 18 or older are required by the state of Texas to pass a background check and have completed the Child Protective Training in order to attend camp. This includes any students attending who are the age of 18 or older as well.

Can I Have My Students/Sponsors Pay For Their Own Balance?

In order to keep the billing less confusing for all parties involved, the financial responsibility of individuals registered under a group will fall on the group as a whole. This means, the group leader will need to collect from each student/sponsor their portion, and then send payment together.

I Am A Parent/Sponsor
How Do I Register My Student?

How Do I Register Myself?

This is only for adults or students age 18 or 19 attending that wish to register themselves. All attendees age 17 or younger must be registered by their legal guardian. (See ‘How To Register My Child’)

How Do I Order A 'GO BAG' For My Student?
Video Walk-through Coming Soon!

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