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Session 1: June 14-17
Session 2: July 5-8
Session 2: July 9-12

Study Theme

Hearing is a precious gift of human life. Music can entertain or heal. A word of encouragement heard at the right moment can change the trajectory of a person’s life. However, there is more to hearing than sound. Listening may be a much more crucial task. How can we hear God in a world full of sound? Join us this summer as we learn how to rise above the noise and listen up.

- Guest Speaker -

Micah Mariano

Micah Mariano is a pastor and worship leader from West Texas. He is one of the founding pastors at TheFour56 church in San Angelo, TX. One of his biggest passions is to be a catalyst for the health and growth of local churches. He has a unique style of preaching hard Biblical truths, in a fun way. As a worship leader, he is committed to leading people in songs that proclaim the truth of who God is, and what He has done for us, that are Biblically sound. Micah is deeply committed to discipleship, and building community within those he has the opportunity to pastor. He and his beautiful wife Cami have four incredible boys.
- Worship Leader -


Twelve10 is a praise & worship band from Lubbock, TX. They spend their summers traveling to different church camps spreading the love of Jesus Christ through their ministry of music. They formed 3 years ago by their original members Jake Miller and Aaron Cowan. The band enjoys watching God work through students and bringing them closer to him. Their passion is to play music, make disciples and to create a fun and inviting worship environment.

Things To Know

Session 1: June 14-17, 2018
Session 2: July 5-8, 2018
Session 3: July 9-12, 2018

Plains Baptist Camp
3001 Love Rd.
Floydada, TX 79235

Cost: $187
Deposit: $50/attendee
$25 if group is registered before Feb. 15.

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For general questions about EXPLORERS or for help with registration, please see the ‘FAQs’ Tab. If you still need assistance, contact Dusty Ledbetter at (806) 983-3954 or send an email to camps@pbacamp.org.

Group Leader Info Packet
Parent Info Packet
Registration Checklist
Group Leader Curriculum

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I Am A Group Leader
How Do I Register My Group?

How Do I Invite My Students/Adults To Register?

How Do I Manage My Roster?

Can I Pay Online?

Yes. You have the option to pay any portion of your balance due online. Simply login to your account at https://mycircuitree.com/PlainsBaptist/Login/Login.aspx? and click ‘Make A Payment’.

Are The Deposits Refundable/Transferrable?

Should an attendee drop out leaving a slot empty, and you are able to replace that attendee, the deposit paid for that slot will substitute for the new attendee. Should all of your slots be full and you need to open a slot for a new attendee, a $50 deposit will be required to activate that new slot.

If a student or adult is dropped leaving a slot empty, $10 of the deposit will be assessed as non-refundable and non-transferrable for the cancelation. The additional $40 of the deposit is transferrable to another individual or go towards the final bill, and is only refundable if there is no remaining balance due for your group.

How Do I Transfer A Deposit To Another Student?

In the event that you have a student or adult drop, and there will be another attendee replacing them, you will need to remove the old attendee from the slot in order to open it up to the new attendee to register.

Due to how the online process works, when you register your group, all slots start out as un-named. Once a student has registered, a name is assigned to one of the slots. Since the deposit is paid for the slot, not the name, if you remove one attendee from a slot and replace them with another, then the deposit already paid for the slot will cover the new attendee and they simply need to register to fill the slot.

If you need to reserve a slot in addition to the number you originally designated in order to register he or she, meaning they will not be replacing another attendee, this will require a $50 deposit for the new slot.

Is There A Discount For Early Registration?

This year there is only one price for camp, with no discount for early registration, and no additional amount for late registration.

This was done in order keep the cost of camp from increasing with the tiered model outside of the range most churches are used to paying per individual on average.

Who Is Required To Do Background Checks and Child Protective Training?

All individuals that are the age of 18 or older are required by the state of Texas to pass a background check and have completed the Child Protective Training in order to attend camp. This includes any students attending who are the age of 18 or older as well.

Can I Have My Students/Sponsors Pay For Their Own Balance?

In order to keep the billing less confusing for all parties involved, the financial responsibility of individuals registered under a group will fall on the group as a whole. This means, the group leader will need to collect from each student/sponsor their portion, and then send payment together.

I Am A Parent/Sponsor
How Do I Register My Student?

How Do I Register Myself?

This is only for adults or students age 18 or 19 attending that wish to register themselves. All attendees age 17 or younger must be registered by their legal guardian. (See ‘How To Register My Child’)

How Do I Order A 'GO BAG' For My Student?
Video Walk-through Coming Soon!

Registration Is Now Open

Session 1: June 14-17
Session 2: July 5-8
Session 2: July 9-12

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