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[trx_section align=”left” title=”What To Expect” description=”The facilities at PBC are among the best in the state, and they continue to get better, as the Lord provides the resources for our staff to fulfill the grand vision the Lord has provided. We continue to improve our ability to serve churches, by providing the latest in camp and retreat attractions. The development of these attractions helps to encourage church participation, and provide opportunities for groups to attract more of their own members to ministry events.

We provide these high quality attractions so that our attendees can experience an event that works to enhance their pursuit of the Lord. From our cabins to our cafeteria; from our ropes courses to our conference centers, we continue to raise the bar to better serve you!” class=”about_section” top=”large” bottom=”large”][/trx_section]

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Click on any of our cabins to take a video tour.

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[trx_section title=”High & Low Ropes” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



Come out to Ryan’s Ropes to challenge yourself to high ropes involving a 35′ rock wall, leap of faith and more! Low ropes are activities that require problem solving from a group to overcome an issue. Low ropes are perfect for team building AND for individuals to discover how they work best within a group.

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We have three volley ball courts, a large dodge ball court and a human foosball court located together near the ACC. On the other side of the creek we have a massive open field perfect for any activity. With that we have nine square, soccer goals, gaga pits and more! Stadium lights all across campus allow for you to keep going even after dark.

[trx_section title=”Swimming Pool” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



Open seasonally, our pool can hold 100 patrons per session, and includes two water slides, as well as a diving board. We also supply basic pool toys upon request. A swim test is required for anyone wishing to use the diving board, which will be administered by one of our lifeguards on duty.

[trx_section title=”Zipline” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



Our zipline is definitely an activity for thrill seekers. Starting off at the rim, it’s a 1200 foot ride down into and across the canyon. It is also a safer style of zip line because it does not depend upon the rider to slow themselves down. All in all, the zipline is a wonderful experience for all people over the age of 10.

[trx_section title=”The Lake” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



The lake, open seasonally, has activities for all ages. Canoes, kayaks, a 20 foot water slide, the rocket, and blob are available. We provide life jackets which MUST be worn while using lake activities or while on the top observation deck.

[trx_section title=”Paintball” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



Paintball is a great activity for first timers or veterans. We provide all the equipment and safety gear and you have all the fun. Our course has both natural and man-made obstacles ensuring a unique experience. Fun for all ages, this is an excellent activity for any group.

[trx_section title=”Archery & Rifle Range” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



Archery and rifles are a key part of a great camp experience. Many participants will have never had the opportunity to partake in either activity and are able to gain confidence in a new skill. All the necessary safety gear and equipment is provided by our range officers.

[trx_section title=”Hiking & Disc Golf” bg_color=”#000000″ class=”adventure_box”][/trx_section]



There are multiple marked hiking trails throughout the canyon ranging in difficulty from novice to expert. Our disk golf course runs right through the middle of camp, starting in front of the swimming pool. Both provide you with an incredible view of the canyon.

[trx_block align=”left” subtitle=”- New To PBC -” bg_color=”rgba(12,12,12,0.4)” top=”huge” bottom=”huge”][trx_title align=”left” color=”#ffffff” top=”null”]Adventure Course[/trx_title]

Suspended in the air about twenty feet, our new course is both fun and challenging for people of all ages. Unlike some of the other activities, there is no age limit on the adventure course, so as long as you can fit in a safety harness, you can enjoy the experience. On your next visit, be sure to stop by and make your attempt to conquer the adventure course. To see it in action, click below.

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