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Our Campus

Located in the scenic Blanco Canyon, Plains Baptist Camp and Retreat Center combines the luxury of modern retreat amenities with the beauty of God’s creation. With over 400 acres of land protected by the cliffs of the Caprock and winding along the headwaters of the White River, PBC offers a wide variety of experiences that cannot be found in other locations.

We are here to serve

Plains Baptist Camp is located about 9 miles south of Floydada, Texas amidst the stunning beauty of Blanco Canyon. Originally called Plains Baptist Assembly, a group of visionary believers acquired this property in 1949 in an effort to establish an encampment dedicated to the enrichment of believers, and the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God led these men and women to start a process of discipleship and evangelism that continues to this very day. Without the willingness of these faithful believers, we would not exist today, so it is with great joy that we continue the legacy they left behind as we serve the Lord by serving your church.

Our mission is to reach the next generation for Christ by providing churches a place to facilitate programs of evangelism and discipleship. We accomplish this mission by developing and maintaining accommodations and staffing which can be used to facilitate summer camps, retreats, and conferences. We provide opportunities for camping experiences, as well as partnerships with local ministries and associations who open their camps and conferences to anyone who would like to join them. In addition to these partnerships, we provide individual churches with the ability to accomplish their goals for ministry by supplying the setting and scenery for a memorable experience.

Many of our first time visitors are startled at the natural beauty of Blanco Canyon, as well as the quality of the facilities available at PBC. By providing the most up-to-date accommodations and attractions possible, and recruiting and teaching our staff to share their love of Jesus with every person who attends our camps, conferences, and retreats, we are able to keep our mission and calling at the forefront of our minds.

When you use Plains Baptist Camp for your summer camp, retreat, or conference, we are able to partner with you in your efforts for discipleship and evangelism. God uses the scenic beauty of our location and the servant hearts of our staff to complement the ministry of your events. We are here to serve you and to help make sure your event is all it can be.